Brands can leverage GIFs to promote products on Instagram creatively

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June 17, 2020, 4:19 PM UTC

The mobile-friendly content format can help increase engagement and sales on social platforms.

Marketers can use GIFs - a combination of video and images - to promote products creatively on their Instagram posts and Stories while catering to the audience’s short attention span. With cheaper production costs, this content format can help brands “spice up” content and effectively launch new products or sales.

To connect with consumers, content creators should ensure their product-related GIFs are entertaining and reflect consumer lifestyle. Marketers should keep limited texts on the GIFs and use the caption for product details and sales pitches. They can also combine GIFs and memes to boost campaign performances.

Using GIFs can further enable brands to remain relevant in the evolving social media scene. Instagram also offers thousands of GIFs of CTAs that marketers can use to get audience attention.

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