Marketers should use Partner Relationship Management to streamline their SaaS partnership programs

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June 16, 2020, 3:35 PM UTC

According to Amplifinity, 23% of total SaaS revenues comes from partner programs and gives an ROI of 350%.

With partner programs offering expanded reach, effective scaling, and a 37% higher customer retention rate than non-partner channels, SaaS businesses should leverage partner programs to improve marketing efforts. However, marketers should segment their partners, like certified partners and influencers, to identify the most appropriate partner according to their business needs.

Businesses can also take a conversational approach to let website visitors seamlessly identify their segment by themselves. They can also poll each partner to find out common goals between their business and partners. However, investing in a Partner Relationship Management Tool (PRM) can streamline processes.

The author contends that PRM can help marketers monitor multiple partners in a single view. It can also help marketers by freeing them from tedious tasks like analytics, tracking and payouts.

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