Marketers should set up their your own KPIs to measure their content marketing success

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June 16, 2020, 5:43 PM UTC

Since metrics keep changing over time, businesses should regularly reassess the ones they have already tracked.

Brands should create their scoring system for key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their content marketing performance with precision. While choosing the performance metrics to monitor, marketers should ensure each metric is actionable and supports their key goals.

Tracking keyword rankings is essential for businesses to check their website page rankings on the relevant SERPs and monitor blog impact. Brands should then compare SEO results with social shares and conversion rates to get a holistic picture of how their content is performing with those keywords.

Businesses should further create benchmarks to track changes in the metrics like subscribes, sales, and social mentions. Marketers should also set parameters against their competitors to plan SEO strategies, as search rankings are always relative.

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