Google might take up to a year to figure out where to rank new websites

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June 16, 2020, 4:36 PM UTC

New websites could see their search rankings fluctuate heavily within the first year of their launch.

The search engine giant announced there is nothing to worry if new websites observe their search rankings oscillate heavily. Google’s Webmaster John Mueller was recently asked why a website, which was launched eight months ago and was ranking well, started observing low rankings suddenly.

The webmaster answered that an eight-month-old website is still considered as “fresh”. The search engine can take almost a year to analyse its content before it places the site in its most appropriate rank.

The article states that website builders have no reason to worry if a brand’s competitor builds bad links to impact the website’s rankings negatively. Mueller said Google ignores spammy backlinks and places greater importance on the website’s content.

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