Companies should ensure their internal stakeholders completely understand their brand story

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June 16, 2020, 4:20 PM UTC

A failure to instil confidence in team members about the brand story can ultimately result in scepticism from clients and consumers.

With major issues like COVID-19 and the George Floyd murder case blowing up, businesses should consider a “communication reset”. Marketers should revisit their communication strategies to make sure their branded communication reflects the latest happenings and is in accordance with their business values.

Marketers should first identify their story and take a stand for a social cause. Companies should establish clarity, transparency and authenticity in their communication. They should further ensure their employees and internal stakeholders are updated with the brand’s standpoint and its messages. 

The author suggests organisations should mostly rely on internal members to convey their message. They should keep an eye on their channels, audience and messages to make sure they align with the brand’s values and focus.

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