Broadcasters need to find ways to retain advertiser money during an unpredictable sports season

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June 16, 2020, 11:35 AM UTC

With more money flowing into sports adverts now, broadcasters may run out of inventory.

The resumption of Bundesliga alone broke TV audience records for Sky in Germany, with over six million live viewers. With more live sports events, like European Golf and Formula One, coming up, advertisers might have to bid in an environment more congested than usual. 

Though it is clear these events would attract eyeballs, advertisers will have to factor in audience attention span. Havas Media Group’s Simon Bevan says the audience demand will “start to settle” even though the figures will be very high in the initial phase.

Broadcasters are looking to capitalise this initial audience surge by setting a fixed advertising fee for the entire season. The move might, however, not fly with advertisers, who remain sceptical about their long-term investments.

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