Brands must measure personalisation efforts to optimise personalisation experiences

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June 16, 2020, 10:03 AM UTC

Methods like A/B testing and multi-variable testing, personalisation and rollouts can help marketers carry out campaign experimentations.

This article states that marketers must treat personalisation efforts as experience optimisation and measure those to make informed personalisation decisions. To deliver relevant personalisation campaigns with best experiences, approach those experimentally with a hypothesis and clear benchmarks for metrics to measure against.

Turning any problem statements into hypotheses enables brands to assess if personalisation is appropriate for a given situation. For example, brands could hypothesise a problem statement from their consumer survey data into a personalised solution.

Marketers should conceive problem statements based on specific audience segments to have clarity on expanding the original hypothesis on other audiences or business parts. The author contends including measurement in personalisation campaigns and testing data driven-insights helps brands create effective conjectures.

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