Brands can leverage opt-in-texts to generate leads offline

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June 16, 2020, 6:22 PM UTC

Opt-in text is a mobile-messaging lead generation tool that allows brands to generate leads via text messages.

This piece suggests businesses can add opt-in-texts to their marketing toolkit to generate leads offline. Opt-in texts allow people to opt into brands’ email lists through SMS messaging. Consumers need to send text codes that the brands promote, from their phones.

Businesses first need to select a number on which their leads can message the codes. They will then have to create unique codes that leads can send to subscribe to their emails. Marketers will also need to create a short confirmation message to send back to their leads.

Once people send opt-in texts to the promoted number, businesses can add them to email lists, and offer them webinars. The author suggests brands can promote opt-in texts on any platform like radio and social media.

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