B2B businesses must use automation to create dynamic content, to craft more relevant messages

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June 16, 2020, 7:33 AM UTC

An automation tool workflow with triggers, content, and rules can help brands effectively visualise their consumers’ experiences.

This piece suggests that B2B businesses could use marketing automation tools to improve efficiency and productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and more at scale. These tools can be used to set action triggers for cart abandonments, purchases, and sign-ups to send automated messages.

Using automation to script dynamic and personalised content for triggers like welcome emails, push notifications with actionable steps can help companies provide value. Consider creating specific rules and apply segmentation in automation tools to tailor relevant messages based on user profiles and past behaviours.

Knowing buyer personas can help businesses segment audiences and personalise messages based on their goals and challenges. Brands should fully understand their automation objectives and track the metrics regularly to ensure optimum campaign performance.

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