Ebooks, whitepapers and guides combined accounted for 56% of all B2B content downloads in 2019

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June 15, 2020, 5:47 PM UTC

Netline’s 2020 Content Report analysed over four million downloads and offers insights into B2B buyer market.

The research found C-level executives are now engaging more with content and taking a greater interest in the topics affecting their businesses. Sectors, which are consuming content most actively, include Information technology, education and manufacturing.

While 56% of all downloads were either ebooks, whitepapers and guides, 76% of marketers said webinars allowed them to drive more leads. Data further indicate that content which breaks down useful knowledge and sets clear expectations is the one that performs the best.

Marketers should understand that consumers want to engage with the humans behind a company. The author suggests B2B businesses should try building a one-to-one relationship with their clients as personal connections influences purchasing behaviour in a significant manner.  

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