Brands should not confuse their marketing database with their audiences for content marketing effort

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June 15, 2020, 4:52 PM UTC

The audience is an asset, which can serve many business purposes beyond driving leads.

This piece argues brands’ should not confuse their marketing database with potential audiences for focusing content marketing efforts. While marketing database consists of people who have accessed a brand’s content, audiences are the sections who interested and continue to consume after first engagement. 

For building a content marketing audience, businesses should focus on niche customers instead of targeting the total addressable market (TAM) addresses of their product marketing campaigns. They can provide valuable content by being more specific about the segmentation of audiences and understanding their challenges. 

Marketers should use common frames of references between them and their audiences to offer unique stories. These stories should be told in a way that their audiences like so they can build up confidence for the future.

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