Offering omnichannel optimisation can help ad optimisation platforms maximise advertiser value

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June 12, 2020, 6:24 PM UTC

Platforms that allow advertisers to manage all their ads in one place will be better placed in the future.

This piece argues the future of ad optimisation platforms lies in Omni and cross-channel ad optimisation. Omni-channel ad optimisation will help platforms to provide a holistic performance overview to their advertisers. The approach will also allow advertisers to manage ads across all channels in a single place.

Addition of third-party ad optimisation platforms can further help ad platforms grow, as the former’s primary appeal lies in increasing advertisers’ ROI across all channels. The author contends enabling complete cross-channel optimisation can help platforms explore an opportunity worth $1 billion.

Ad optimisation platforms can leverage autonomous media buying to reduce repetitive tasks and free up advertising professionals to focus on more creative tasks. Automating processes can further help advertisers better target users based on audience-insights.

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