Marketers should avoid using personal accounts for conducting email-marketing campaigns

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June 12, 2020, 3:55 PM UTC

Personal accounts do not allow brands to send emails in large volumes and have daily sending limits.

This piece argues marketers should avoid using personal accounts like Outlook and Gmail for sending marketing emails. Businesses should instead use professional email marketing services (EMS) for running email marketing campaigns. It can help them develop trust, gain subscribers and strengthen brand reputation.

Personal accounts do not offer automation that disables marketers to schedule their emails. They also make it harder to keep track of email contacts and make segmentation difficult for businesses. Personal accounts also do not offer personalisation and need manual insertion of each recipient’s name.

EMS, on the other hand, offers precise segmentation and allows marketers to create dynamic email content with personalised data. It also provides tools for monitoring important metrics like opens, clicks, and shares for their emails.

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