Streaming platforms could be the new shopping destinations

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June 11, 2020, 6:53 PM UTC

With the pandemic pushing ecommerce’s rise, there is an opportunity for innovative shopping experiences to come up.

The idea of “shoppable TV” is nothing new and Netflix has already been promoting products through brand tie-ups. Disney is also exploring its options, through its stake in Hulu that has an advertising team focused on developing new digital ad products.

Amazon has also transformed its “Prime Day concert into a sales bonanza.”  However, the author talks about the possibilities brands, consumers and streaming platforms can have if they bridge on-screen content with ecommerce facilities.

Netflix can use connect the costume and time-code data of its original productions with shopping functionalities. Alternatively, streamers can also explore the possibility of “embedded advertising” by using green-screens and programmatically inserted brands. While these ideas are mere speculation, the possibility of shoppable entertainment is very real.

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