Businesses should engage with influencers’ content on Twitter to build relationships with them

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June 10, 2020, 5:29 PM UTC

Only influencers that align with the brands’ mission and values and resonate with their communities should be approached for partnerships.

This piece suggests how brands can build relationships with influencers on Twitter to generate buzz on the social platform. Businesses should engage with the content that their industry influencers post on Twitter by liking or retweeting their posts.

Brands should consider the needs of the influencer they are reaching out to and offer a mutually beneficial collaboration. To build relationships with the influencers, brands can also provide extra benefits like giving them free access to their products.

Marketers should update their Twitter profiles and fill essential details like location, website links and profile headers. It can help them effectively communicate their identity and values to the influencers they wish to collaborate with.

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