Prioritise displaying content rather than ad to improve a site’s search ranking

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June 09, 2020, 9:03 AM UTC

Write meta descriptions for webpages to grab readers' attention and boost click-through rates.

This article suggests effective SEO techniques brands can use to improve search ranking. Structure webpage content with headers, bold texts, images, keywords, and more to improve readability, attract visitors, and help Google search and rank the page.

Brands must prioritise displaying content as opposed to an ad to enhance the website’s SEO ranking while providing a positive user experience and decreasing bounce rates. Update and republish old content with new information to keep it relevant to Google and the readers.

Marketers should fix all broken and 404-page links on the website to provide a good user experience and drive engagement rates. Webpages linked to 404 pages increases bounce rates and impacts credibility with Google, affecting the overall website SEO ranking.

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