Marketers can customise AI assistants to build their brand’s “sonic identity”

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June 09, 2020, 10:44 AM UTC

Sonic identity is a unique brand voice that is capable of conveying the brand story like visual identity.

Though typically Artificial Intelligence is not designed for telling stories, it can help businesses analyse big data on consumer behaviour and create interactive creatives in a shorter time. Major publications have already assigned bots to produce linear and repetitive short stories, without readers noticing it.

While AI can also be leveraged to improve customer experiences, it can pose problems like brand identity and image. Marketers should look to beyond the standardised robotic voice and customise their AI assistants based on attributes like tone, depth, accent and cadence of speech to build their sonic identity.

The author contends companies need to find their brand’s AI voice and analyse its impact on consumers. They should, however, be careful that it aligns with the overall brand identity.

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