Develop content marketing workflow to manage publishing schedules based on the editorial calendar

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June 09, 2020, 9:46 AM UTC

Observe, research and strategise to create content that stands out.

This piece suggests marketers must develop an editorial strategy to effectively create and deliver the right content and generate more leads. Firstly, brands must identify and define their target audiences by conducting surveys, analysing product usage to understand challenges and pain points, and create appropriate content.

Establish editorial guidelines with principles including comprehensiveness, strategic keyword targeting, actionability, and more to address the needs of the target audience. Writing a simple style guide can help marketers maintain a consistent voice, style, tone, and formatting across all content.

Creating a content marketing workflow with assigned roles and defined tasks can help brands visualise content publishing schedule and centralise all marketing strategies. Brands should select appropriate content channels along with setting a publishing cadence and timeline to reach their target audience.

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