Consumers tend to trust influencers on legacy platforms more than those on newer ones

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June 09, 2020, 3:24 PM UTC

Takumi surveyed consumers, marketers and influencers across the UK, US and Germany to understand their opinion on influencer marketing.

The study found consumers tend to trust influencers on older platforms like YouTube (28%) more than influencers on newer platforms, like Instagram (22%) and TikTok (15%). Platforms also tend to dominate a specific niche; Instagram is considered as informative, while TikTok is perceived as entertaining.

Influencers on both YouTube and TikTok fared well when compared to more traditional brand endorsements. Over a quarter of consumers said they made a purchase after watching an influencer campaign on YouTube, followed by Instagram (24%) and TikTok (15%).

44% of UK and US consumers had “no main concerns” about TikTok influencers, and 48% said the same for YouTube influencers. The research further anticipates consumers will continue to trust influencer content over celebrity endorsement in 2020.

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