7 in 10 Britons unwilling to spend over £20 monthly on streaming services

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June 09, 2020, 2:46 AM UTC

Research from The Trade Desk finds COVID-19 having impacted streaming services’ revenue, with improved TV consumption.

The report found seven in ten Brits unwilling to spend over £20 per month on streaming services compared to £25 in September 2019. This could potentially mean ad revenue reductions of up to £97.3 million, for subscription-based services.

33% of Brits said £10 is the maximum amount they are willing to spend per month on streaming services. While 60% of Britons reported streaming services to be too expensive, 58% signed up to a new streaming service since COVID-19 lockdowns began.

However, 70% of Brits would rather see relevant ads than pay more to watch TV. Also, 47% of Brits don’t mind ads for free or cheaper streaming services. 84% are open to advertising if they could watch their desired shows free without interruption, afterward.

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