Making sign-ups easier for users can enhance sign-up conversion rates

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June 08, 2020, 5:27 PM UTC

Reducing commitment in the CTAs can entice more consumers to go down the funnel.  

This piece suggests businesses should condense their mobile pages to increase their sign-up conversion rates. Brands can edit their content and adjust the spacing to bring the submit button above the fold, to shorten the page length.

Businesses should also eliminate unnecessary steps from their sign-up forms to make the process frictionless for users. Asking users specific questions about themselves, like what kind of investors they are, can help convince them about personalised experiences and push conversions.

Building social proof by communicating with users what their peers think about brands’ website can help businesses add value to their products and services. But, marketers should ensure their calls-to-action (CTAs) reflect the lowest commitment the user needs to key in to get them on the funnel.

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