Offer empathy along with contextual value to consumers amid COVID-19

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June 05, 2020, 1:05 AM UTC

Marketers should offer practical tips and tactics to assure and comfort consumers.

This piece suggests ways in which brands can pivot their marketing strategies during these uncertain times to grow their businesses. Brands must adopt a growth mindset, focus on building relationships with consumers, and create marketing plans that offer products and services with a “help first” mentality.

Adopting empathy for sales approach can help brands understand their consumers and create contextual content with value. Reach out and engage consumers via blogs, tone-sensitive emails, and social media posts to build stronger connections and keep the brand top-of-mind among customers.

Leveraging the existing brand voice to communicate logistical information with care and concern is recommended, to effectively serve consumers. Repurpose existing offers for current times like free deliveries, virtual activities, and consultancy packages for businesses seeking sales and marketing assistance.

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