Bayesian A/B testing can help marketers procure more specific results than traditional A/B testing

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June 05, 2020, 11:17 AM UTC

This method can help brands obtain more concrete ROI on ads.

This piece gives insights into Bayesian A/B testing that involves continuous calculation and trial and error for testing variants to find out audiences’ preferences. This ad testing method involves more specific and tactical approach than traditional A/B testing, by factoring in more metrics.

Bayesian tests collect the information from similar past experiments and combine that with current data to reach a conclusion. The conclusion obtained from the previous Bayesian experiments acts as a variant for the new test. The test can also be periodically modified to improve test results.

Bayesian A/B tests do not require marketers to change their software or different channels. They can instead leverage the tools they have to get more calculated results and then continuously run tests.   

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