Creative culture will successfully navigate the current hardship and uncertainty to a better future

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June 04, 2020, 1:16 PM UTC

Cultural shifts that are happening amid crisis can give us small insights into the future of creativity.

This piece argues that coronavirus crisis pandemic has proven the value of community and mass communication for marketers and creatives. The increasing demand for creative media like streaming services amid lockdown indicates human beings strive for creativity during the hard times.

While brands can continue micro-targeting the customers, they should also embrace other forms of creative communication. With most people, staying at their homes during the pandemic, marketers should strive to communicate to larger communities instead of just reaching out to individuals.

Media consumption habits are also evolving from being fragmented and individualised to a collective experience as people increasingly prefer watching TV or streaming films together. Creatives should tell stories that unify people and not target them on individual self-interest.

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