Leverage data-driven insights to understand consumers better and to measure campaign effectiveness

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June 03, 2020, 7:32 AM UTC

Marketers must learn the art of storytelling to create authentic, engaging, and credible campaigns.

This piece suggests skills marketers need to learn to stay relevant, drive business value, and create effective campaigns. To understand the marketing landscape better, marketers must improve their budgeting and strategic planning skills. Implement practices from courses like corporate financing.

Using data-driven insights can help marketers understand consumers better, make the right decisions, improve and measure campaign effectiveness as and when necessary. Learning design and creating compelling narratives allows brands to align their marketing sentiments with customer priority and the brand message.

Further, marketers should optimise their skills by familiarising themselves with tools and technologies. Listening and learning from cross-functional teams can provide marketers with a strong understanding of their product and customers and help create relevant campaigns.

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