Find the sweet spot between audience interest and brand expertise to create empathetic content

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June 03, 2020, 1:26 PM UTC

Empathetic content can help brands stay connected to their customers.  

This piece suggests marketers should find common topics that interest both them and their audiences, instead of focusing on popular topics, to bring empathy in their content. Brands can draw a Venn diagram by listing their audiences concerns in one circle and their fields of expertise in another, to find common ground.

Businesses can also make an empathy map to understand and visualise their audiences’ concerns and viewpoints. Marketers can list what their audiences see, hear, think & feel and say & do, to create content that eases out their customers’ pain points.

Brands can run a content audit from their existing content pieces to identify topics that they can reuse. Marketers should further audit their email marketing automation workflows to identify outdated or inappropriate messages.

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