TikTok’s ability to tap into creators can help brands monetise talent on the platform

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June 02, 2020, 12:06 PM UTC

Talent plus ownership, and distribution model is key to thrive on TikTok.

This article states advertisers creating timely and relevant content on TikTok are better positioned to leverage the app’s ability to monetise talent. TikTok’s emphasis on talent and allowing users to upload original sounds to their posts has made the platform valuable for creators looking to grow as artists.

Music publicist Kate Marlys notes that TikTok’s strategy of working in tandem with artists is similar to the relationship between record labels and artists. Talent is at the core of TikTok’s commercial strategy and advertisers must understand the app's concept of monetising individual creators.

Further, the app’s emphasis on monetising talent is growing as its scouting talent management deals and hired Disney+ former boss Kevin Mayer. The author contends such moves let advertisers monetise talent.

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