Niche brands can leverage LinkedIn polls to spot emerging industry trends

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June 02, 2020, 2:51 PM UTC

LinkedIn polls can also help create topical and engaging content that encourages user engagement.

Businesses can conduct LinkedIn polls to understand their audiences’ primary goals and figure out how way to achieve it. Constructing a survey with four distinct responses can narrow down the information that the audience requires from the brand. This audience data can then be used to create relevant and engaging content, which can increase conversions, email subscribers, and website visitors.

Companies, especially those operating in specific niches, can host LinkedIn polls to gauge consumer response towards emerging industry trends. This kind of industry-specific and trend related poll can spark audience conversation in the comment section.

Marketers can also take a similar approach with-in industry-specific LinkedIn groups to gather more insights. LinkedIn polls can further help brands gather valuable customer feedback about existing products and services and upcoming launches.

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