Marketers are measuring campaign results more frequently during the pandemic

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June 02, 2020, 3:39 PM UTC

Companies generally consider collective campaign results to make informed decisions about their upcoming campaigns.

This piece states that a majority of media buyers are either adjusting or pausing their ad spend for the next quarter due to the coronavirus crisis. But, brands that are functional are working closely with measurement vendors to develop strategies for retaining consumers in the post-pandemic reality.

Organisations are also checking their campaign data daily or weekly, instead of waiting until the next campaign. Advertisers are also analysing how their TV and online ads are performing and keeping an eye on consumer spending.

With the pandemic continuously impacting consumer purchasing behaviour, brands are doing deeper and more frequent dives into data. “Frankly, measurement right now is a lot more about real-time optimisation,” says Nishat Mehta, president of media excellence at IRI Worldwide.

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