Consider aesthetics and functionality while undertaking a website redesign or facelift project

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June 02, 2020, 1:23 AM UTC

Full website redesigns are more disruptive and expensive than facelifts.

This article advises brands to evaluate their website’s functionality, design, content needs, and budgets before undertaking a website redesign or facelift project. Brands must consider the website needs of each department and the redesign’s impact on team performances.

While a website facelift could change visual appearances like aesthetics and design, a redesign could help brands completely change the functionality of the site. Refreshing the website content with visual appearance and creating new written and video content can help brands provide a facelift.

Businesses with backend control can opt for website facelifts and brands looking to make functional and structural changes on their websites must choose a complete redesign. Brands should deliberate factors like budget, backend control, and video and content production for redesigns.

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