Brands should conduct detailed research to gather data for designing effective buyer personas

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June 02, 2020, 6:24 PM UTC

Insights from the actual customer base can make the buyer personas stronger.

This piece suggests businesses should conduct detailed research, surveys and interviews with customers and prospects to gather data for making effective buyer personas. Marketers can ask demographic-based questions and include buzzwords and mannerisms of people they survey, in their personas.

Brands can include also real quotes from the people they interview, to exemplify their actual concerns and needs in the personas. Marketers can also enlist the possible objections that the personas could raise, to help sales team prepare for effective conversations with the prospects.

Instructing everyone in the company on how to talk to personas about brands’ products and services can bring uniformity in the language. Businesses can also name their personas to allow employees internally refer to each persona in the same way to bring in cross-team efficiency.

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