Brands are leaning on research to understand the “new normal” and evolving consumer behaviour

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June 02, 2020, 6:34 PM UTC

This piece is based on insights drawn from a marketing and business communication firm working with Fortune 500 companies during the pandemic.

The pandemic has made marketers question some of the base assumptions about consumer behaviour. Businesses are increasingly relying on the latest research data to understand the “new normal” and its impact on changing consumer behaviour.

Marketers are using new data points to lead future efforts, as pre-COVID-19 data is ineffective for understanding businesses’ current performance. On the whole, companies are focusing on spreading positivity and showcasing how they are standing by their consumers on a more emotional level.

The firm also highlights the importance of tailored brand messages based on the needs of local audiences. Strategies for one location may not be effective for another area during this crisis, apart from potential compliance issues.  

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