Post-COVID-19, brands will develop in-house PR capabilities, and agencies could utilise them

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May 28, 2020, 2:59 AM UTC

COVID-19 will democratise the PR profession, as more online resources and courses on the subject surface.

While COVID-19 has coerced brands to focus on building in-house PR capabilities, outside expertise and support will still be required. PR pros and agencies must leverage this opportunity to provide vision and result-oriented strategies while balancing in-house expertise provided by companies.

Further, PR firms should reconsider the expenses of office real estate, as more brands shift towards virtual communications. Maintaining free-flowing and co-working spaces could be a likely option. The increase in demand for issue-management consultants could further result in higher billable rates and challenging work for PR.

PR pros must demonstrate their value through quick and nimble projects with results to retain potential long-term clients. PR agencies will be held to higher standards such as best ethical practices, pro-bono work, and more.

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