Ecommerce brands should minimise price shocks to reduce cart abandonment rates

Tasim Zahid
May 28, 2020, 6:13 PM GMT+0

Consumers usually abandon carts during the checkout process because of additional costs like shipping charges and taxes. 

This piece recommends companies should take serious measures to cut down cart abandonments as 75% of consumers do not return to abandoned carts. Businesses should avoid increasing a product’s price at the checkout stage; they should instead highlight additional costs including shipping and taxes on the product page itself. 

Companies should also calculate the volumetric weight of each product in advance to show the exact shipping costs. In case, the companies cannot calculate the charges like import fees beforehand, product pages should have a disclaimer flagging that additional charges will show up during the checkout. 

Businesses should further clearly display their return and refund policies. More than half of consumers read the return policy before purchasing from an online brand.   

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