Podcasts can help small businesses create engaging long-form content and promote themselves

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May 27, 2020, 9:46 AM UTC

Repurpose podcast content into other formats to improve reach among audiences.

This article states producing or featuring in podcasts allows businesses to build networks, referrals, improve website traffic, promote products, and more. Businesses can create long-form, engaging content with podcasts, as people engage with them for longer periods as compared to other content types.

Being audio-based, brands can repurpose podcasts into other content forms like videos and blog posts, while reaching out to a wider set of audiences. Brands can also monetise podcast shows through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and promote their products and themselves.

Companies can optimise their website SEO, and brand spokespeople can build authority and expertise by guest starring in podcast interviews. The author suggests adequately preparing for guest interviews and being familiar with the host’s audiences to answers questions clearly and succinctly.

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