Marketers should leverage branded animations to increase brand awareness and recognisability

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May 27, 2020, 6:07 PM UTC

Animated videos can also help brands promote products and services while being “unsalesy.”

Businesses should use animated videos to communicate with their target audience as cartoon visualisations are “especially tricky and powerful.” Creating animated videos with branding colours, logos and other brand identity elements can help marketers enhance brand awareness and recognisability.

The author says animated videos are a powerful medium to embed particular feelings and positive associations in a consumer’s mind. Animation not only allows companies to communicate effectively with consumers at a personal level but also help form long-term bonds.

While businesses can use animated video to subtly introduce or promote their products, they do not always need to provide a hint. As long as they entertain and grab the consumers’ attention, they can lead the customer to the brand’s website.

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