Employ social listening tools to conduct reputation audits and build deeper customer relationships

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May 27, 2020, 9:10 AM UTC

Monitoring online brand mentions and analysing them can help brands address negative user sentiments.

This article suggests conducting online reputation audits to respond to online trends, gather feedback, understand consumer brand sentiments, and build deeper relationships with consumers. Leverage tools like Brandwatch to collect audience insights, analyse brand mentions and create effective marketing campaigns.

Reputation audits allow brands to identify new audience groups, analyse market leaders, and research the market before launching new products or services. Support office analytics with audits to glean insights on the brand’s audiences.

Marketers must set up a monitoring system to analyse brand mentions, range of sentiments, sources of mentions, and identifying negative personas and potential advocates. Create advertising campaign strategies based on the audit results and actionable insights. Hiring a trained professional to interpret the audit data is recommended.

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