Auditing non-coronavirus related content can help marketers keep brand value safe and healthy

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May 26, 2020, 5:00 PM UTC

Marketers should also update themselves with the changes in audience needs.

This piece argues businesses should audit their popular, recent and upcoming content assets to avoid looking tone-deaf or out-of-touch. In order to maintain the brand’s goodwill among consumers, marketers should convey awareness and sensitivity to the current crisis even if their content is not related to the pandemic.

Marketers should avoid using insensitive phrases and language while keeping in mind that each of their audience is not equally privileged. The audit should ensure the branded content has a human element and does not use algorithm-driven content or impersonal advice.

Businesses should set priorities before conducting an audit and focus on topics that they can immediately address with the available information. Brands should also consider the tone of their text, audio and visual communication while conducting the audit.

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