82.3% consumers believe that brands listen to customer feedback

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May 26, 2020, 7:26 AM UTC

A report gathered 79,106 responses from consumers between January and March 2020.

This article cites a report by DISQO as per which 45% of consumers are sharing feedback with businesses by changing their purchase behaviour. 82.3% of respondents agree that brands listen to customer feedback.

90.3% of participants believe that brands must listen to consumer opinion. 84.6% of those polled reported sharing their opinions with brands through surveys. Further, for 57.8% of respondents being able to share their opinions is a motivating factor.

Another 71.5% of those surveyed feel rewarded for sharing their feedback via surveys. Over 80% of consumers believe that them participating in a survey makes an impact on brands. “A similar number” of respondents believe products to be impacted by consumer surveys.

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