Publishers dropping price floors to improve fill rates may cause invalid traffic (IVT)

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May 22, 2020, 12:40 PM UTC

Ad buyers only scan approximately 20% of the traffic as opposed to 100% with pre-bid, increasing the chances of IVT.

This article states that publishers lowering price floors to increase fill rates for ads may inadvertently increase IVT and decrease viewability for supply-side platforms (SSPs). With the pandemic affecting demand for ad slots, SSPs and demand-side platforms (DSPs) should employ similar tools for consistent results of IVT and viewability.

While ad buyers rely on third-party providers to buy verified IVT-free impressions, most SSPs use a mix of pre and post-bid scanning processes to understand the quality traffic. This makes IVT verification process expensive for some buyers.

Although some buyers can afford higher IVT-free CPMs, buyers with lesser purchasing power may end up with IVT impressions. The author contends price flooring further affects how companies use post-impression measurement tools.

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