Scrubbing email lists can help businesses boost email click-through rates

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May 21, 2020, 5:13 PM UTC

It can help organisations ensure brand emails are sent to only truly engaged receivers.

This piece suggests businesses should scrub their email list by removing untagged users to boost their email click-through rates. Scrubbing the email list approximately once in every six months can also improve senders’ reputation with the email providers, benefitting them with deliverability.

Brands should design their emails for scanners as the majority of people look for highlights in the emails instead of reading it word by word. Marketers can break down marketing emails into logical chunks, each with different headlines and images. They should lead the email with the most important message.

Marketers should avoid sending mass emails while segmenting their email list to personalise email for each subscriber. Customising emails for each segment can increase subscribers’ interest, which can compel them to engage with emails.

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