Iterative content lifecycles can help brands deliver better customer personalisation

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May 21, 2020, 12:40 PM UTC

Generating audience-specific insights can help businesses find out the right tone-of-voice for their target demographic.

This piece argues marketers need to take a new approach to content in order to deliver effective personalised experiences. Personalisation requires cyclic and iterative content lifecycle where content is dynamically assembled and optimised based on the audiences.

Marketers can leverage experience management tools to deliver instant personalised experiences to customers at each point along their buying journey. They can choose the management tool based on the scale of audiences they are personalising, the sophistication of the ruleset and the tools’ ability to integrate with other back end systems.

Customer insights should be used to develop the rulesets that determine the sequence of events to take place when a customer arrives. But, businesses should comply with the regulations such as GDPR while using customer data.

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