Businesses must keep up to date with data legislations to mitigate risks

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May 21, 2020, 2:12 PM UTC

IONOS surveyed 1,500 IT decision-makers across the UK, France and Germany.

The survey found that despite efforts to prioritise data safety and security, IT professionals are struggling to keep up with data storage legislations. While European marketers have a good grasp on GDPR, their understanding of the US legislation is shaky. 

The gap is especially pronounced around the US CLOUD Act, with 44%, 41% and 33% of respondents in the UK, Germany and France lacking an understanding of the legislation. This piece suggests that brands should choose an EU supplier with EU data centres to avoid inadvertently being subject to US laws.

The survey also found that regardless of the risks a large percentage of respondents are willing to store sensitive data on the cloud. In case, businesses do leverage the cloud to store sensitive data they ensure adequate security.

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