Optimising the ad-tech supply chain can help reduce the price of media buying

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May 20, 2020, 11:40 AM UTC

Ad tech flaws like ad fraud, “questionable business practices” and “unexplainable delta” can make media buying expensive for buyers.

This piece argues businesses should optimise the ad-tech supply chain and reduce the loopholes to ensure the best prices for media buying. For instance, a cited report found that 15% of ad tech spending was untraceable in the UK.

While long and unclear supply chains of programmatic transactions is a major concern, automating manual processes can optimise the process. Further, the involvement of too many middlemen can cause several risks and increase up charges without adding much value to the media buying process.

Advertisers should enforce transparency through their contracts and demand for log-level access rights to their ad data. Ensuring a short-supply chain and establishing a direct advertisers-publisher relationship can help enable better first-party data usage and privacy protection.

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