Consumers are increasingly turning to religious and spiritual podcasts 

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May 20, 2020, 9:00 AM UTC

Brands should consider new types of audio offerings like calming channels and audio meditations

With Americans spending just under 12 hours every day with media platforms because of the lockdown, their audio habits are also evolving.  While traditionally, the majority of podcast listening revolves around commuting hours, consumers are now tuning in throughout the day.

Listeners are also heavily leaning into spiritual and self-improvement content. In Italy, religion and spirituality podcasts grew 1500% in the first two weeks of March, while self-improvement podcasts grew 500%. In the US, the numbers were more modest but still rose 160%, according to Katz.

As most sporting events have been put on hold, sports and recreation podcasts have seen a decline (-2%). But, perhaps predictably, music channels have seen an upswing. iHeart digital radio reported a 21% growth, with a  30% growth coming from smart home speaker listeners.

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