Businesses operating in multiple markets should have a “one-voice” approach to their messaging

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May 20, 2020, 6:04 PM UTC

All regional and global social media marketing efforts should align with the overall business goals to build awareness and drive profitability.

This piece suggests marketers should extend their digital footprints, while expanding businesses in multiple markets, to connect with their target audiences. Businesses should have a “one-voice” approach to messaging, promotions and online community involvement.

Brands can choose to either target a worldwide audience or focus on specific regions, depending on their campaign goals. Marketers should then choose the appropriate social media channel based on the number of active users and demographics for each platform.

Businesses should also research about local events and cultural celebrations in different locations to predict the response rate of messaging from the local people. Marketers should assess brand assets, taglines, phrases, brand names and colours according to that location and make necessary changes to appeal to the local customers.

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