Businesses should analyse the purpose of automation in their operations before investing in AI tech.

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May 19, 2020, 12:21 PM UTC

Presuming automation would solve problems without analysing strategies can lead to unintended consequences.

This piece suggests organisations should first explore if automation serves a purpose or adds value to their businesses before investing in the technology. AI can free up employees from repetitive and administrative activities and allow them to concentrate on creating more “strategic”, “creative”, and “revenue-driving” content.

Brands looking for personalised communication with individual customers can also leverage AI to efficiently utilise customers’ data. AI can help marketers track real-time data that can predict customer demand, flag operational risks and analyse customer engagement.

Marketers should also check how AI can align with their workflows to ensure better ROI. Establishing a meaningful use of AI in the operations before making investments can help organisations reduce the risk of staff feeling frustrated by technology and not driving the desired results.

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