59% of Americans “strongly believe” or “somewhat agree,” that coronavirus responses are “PR Efforts”

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May 19, 2020, 2:21 AM UTC

A research by Clyde Group found that consumers are more likely to read messages from grocery stores, health-care brands and restaurants.

Although 73% of consumers reported being pleased with the amount of COVID-19 communications they received from companies they buy from, 59% believed brands’ coronavirus responses to be “PR efforts”. 21% of respondents “strongly agree” on the sentiment, while 38% “somewhat agree”.

Further, 56% of participants “somewhat” to “strongly” disagree that companies they do business with are not communicating well enough. 33% of those polled received COVID-19 emails multiple times a day. Only 13% received COVID-19 messages once a day.

64% of those who received emails from multiple companies daily see the efforts as PR. 43% agreed on receiving “somewhat” useful information about COVID-19. Women (63%) found the information more useful, compared to men (52%).

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