Source customer feedback through multiple channels to ultimately improve customer experience

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May 18, 2020, 10:15 AM UTC

Brands that proactively invite and accept feedback are favoured by 77% of customers, states a cited research.

This article suggests ways in which marketers can collect customer feedback to improve products and services and enhance customer experience (CX). Leverage live chats and conduct live online surveys to effectively understand consumer perception in real-time.

Marketers can also place feedback buttons on their websites to glean visitors’, customers’, or prospects’ sentiments and feedback as they browse the website. Motivate consumers to take online surveys by offering incentives like discounts and promotions.

Companies can track their existing consumers’ brand perception with email follow-ups. Social media experiences can also help brands evaluate and improve CX. Interviewing customers enables marketers to construct a detailed picture of the written survey and understand their problems better.

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