Publishers must future-proof their OTT ad models by enabling flexibility and open integration

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May 18, 2020, 10:34 AM UTC

Packaging OTTs in a way that attracts buyers as well as supports advertisers can help hit KPIs.

Despite no live sports or fresh TV show episodes, TV viewership has hit new highs this year. But, viewers are also increasingly moving away from linear TV to streaming channels and digital videos. According to Winterberry Group, linear TV would see a low-single-digit increase compared to more than 30% for OTT.

Publishers should package their OTT inventory in a manner, which attracts buyers and serves the advertisers’ purpose. They should not commit to a single methodology for measuring KPIs and enable open integration to allow different types of transactions, delivery and reporting.

Publishers should forge partnerships with advertisers and innovate together to get first-mover advantage. Working together with advertisers can help publishers understand their demands better and resolve OTT’s measurement challenges. 

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